Aluminum Alloy Metal Fidget Spinner

Spinner X

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  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE- Whether you are in your office, school, bus stop, or doing anything with idle hands, Spinfinite will always be handy relieve stress, anxiety, and boredom.
  • WHO IS THIS FOR? This if for adults, teens, and kids. This also helps with ADHD, Autism, nail biting, and anyone with a fidget problem. Not only does the feeling of the high speed metal spinner rotating in your hand provide incredible relief, it is also extremely fun to play with.
  • SMALL PORTABLE DESIGN- Is great for smaller hands or someone with bigger hands that just wants to be discrete. Smaller design fits in any pocket without allowing dust to enter the sealed steel bearings. Also comes with a handy metal case.
  • DURABLE SHOCK PROOF Alloy- Unlike ABS plastic spinners that break easily, Spinfinite spinners are made of corrosion free premium aluminum alloy tightly hand assembled so this spinner can take a beating without losing spin times.
  • VERY LITTLE NOISE OR ODOR- Unlike the copper spinners that make your hands smell like coins, this spinner is made up of premium alloy and essentially odorless. Stainless steel bearings are tightly enclosed allowing high speed quiet spins.

Lead time: 2-3 weeks

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