7 Colors Glow In Dark Fidget Tri-Spinner

Spinner X

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Our Glow in the Dark Fidget Spinners have a long, smooth spin time that is much quieter than other spinners. 

You can play with it during the day and watch it glow as you spin it at night! Helps with Autism, ADHD, Stress, Anxiety and Boredom! 

We are customer centric and will send follow-up emails and make sure you are satisfied with our product. We're here for you! 

Kids, teenagers, adults, parents and grandparents love your fidget spinners! Fun for all ages! 

Smooth spin time for up to 3 minutes a spin. Spin it in your hand, on your finger, on your elbows, on your nose, etc. 

Provides relief from stress, ADHD, autism, anxiety, boredom. The fun doesn't end when the sun goes down...it's just getting started. 

Take it right out of the box and start spinning right away. Give it some sun or direct light from a any light source and watch it glow in the dark!


Lead time: 2-3 weeks

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